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Tim Cook reveals iPhone 8 in the recent leak?

iPhone 8
Tim Cook reveals iPhone 8 in the recent leak?
After the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, its time for the biggest company in the industry, Apple to remove the curtain from their 10th anniversary iPhone. As per the reports, Apple is all set to launch the three handsets this year, but the biggest one will be iPhone 8 or iPhone edition.

Recently we have seen endless no of leaks from different sources. But this is one is different from all the previous leaks. If you see the internet or social media every where you will find that people are talking about Apple CEO Tim Cook is carrying the well talked iPhone, iPhone 8.

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To just give you the background that from where we are coming to this point, Mr. Cook twitted a photo today of a visit to a manufacturer. In that picture in his right-hand pocket, he is carrying his phone and that seems to be the next iPhone?

But the biggest question comes here is, how low we will go for the iPhone rumors? From every angle, it seems that the internet is going all the time low for finding rumors about iPhone 8.

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iPhone 8 is coming on 12 September

The iPhone 8 may be officially unveiled by Apple as early as 12 September, new rumors have suggested.

The date comes from French-language site Mac4Ever, which claims Apple will be holding a special event to launch the device. The report claims that French telecoms operators, including Orange and SFR, have been alerted that the keynote event will fall on 12 September, and have also been told the release date of the device itself.

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A 12 September release date is eminently plausible, based on the dates Apple has chosen to reveal previous iPhone models. The company tends to hold iPhone launch events on the second Tuesday in September - a pattern this date fits. Mac4Ever also suggested the units will arrive in stores ten days later, which is also in line with Apple's usual release schedule.

Rumours have also indicated that Apple will launch at least one other device alongside the iPhone 8, with some theorizing that the company will launch a slightly updated iPhone 7s as well as a much more advanced eighth-generation model – potentially dubbed the iPhone 8.

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This year marks the iPhone's tenth anniversary, so many are expecting big things from Apple. The newest iPhone is expected to make the jump to an edge-to-edge OLED screen for the first time and is also rumored to include facial recognition technology.

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