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5 features of iPhone 8 which will take your selfies on different level

iPhone 8 camera
5 features of iPhone 8 which will take your selfies on different level
Apple has launched the new iPhones and other than the biggest attraction of the event iPhone X, Apple also launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in the event, and alongside a faster performance, improved screen, and fancy wireless charging, there was one other thing we were keeping our ear out for the camera.

Today we are going to talk about features that will help you take awesome selfies on iPhone 8. So, if you are selfie lover, go book your device today to get it early.

Get better photo in low light

Moody bar lighting is a usually big selfie no-no, producing dark grainy images that not even an Instagram filter could save.

Thankfully, the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus come with a larger 12MP sensor to let in more light in low-light surroundings. Add this to a faster autofocus in the same conditions, and you can say goodbye to annoying blurry images too.

A More flattering flash

For the times when you really do need to use a flash, unflattering bleached out photos are almost as bad as the grainy ones.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus come with an improved True Tone flash, that will not only light you and your friends brighter and more naturally than ever before, but also more evenly. This means that while you’ll be perfectly lit in the foreground, your background will be perfectly exposed too.

Lighting on fleek

Last year’s iPhone 7 Plus introduced a new feature called Portrait mode, which blurred out the background of a portrait shot for a professional-looking arty finish.

Not only is this effect even better in the iPhone 8 Plus, it is also joined by the new Portrait Lighting feature, to give you a choice of five pro lighting effects.

It does this in real time, picking out the contours of your face and automatically applying light to your best bits. The results? A flawless complexion that’ll give your highlighter a run for its money.

More filter and effects

The iPhone’s built-in photo effects have always been a little disappointing compared those on Instagram, but that’s about to change with the iPhone 8.

Alongside the Portrait Lighting mode in iPhone 8 Plus, Apple has promised a whole host of new image filters and effects across both phones that will ensure your selfies are Instagram-ready. 

Love Boomerang? An update to Live Photos will create a similar effect directly from the iPhone itself, with the ability to turn them into a continuous video loop for sharing.

Store image with less space

Nothing kills your selfie game quicker than full storage, and deleting photos under pressure is the worst. With iOS 11 on the iPhone 8, you’ll be able to keep snapping until you nail your best angle, thanks to the new HEIF image format that produces the same quality snaps at half the file size.

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