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5 great and hidden tricks for iPhone

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5 great and hidden tricks for iPhone 
Many of us are using our iPhones only for the basic things like making phone calls, sending text messages, and checking emails. But did you know that they can do so much more to automate our lives and make tasks easier?

Today in this article we are going to share the best tips for iPhone users to make your life more interesting with your device.

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Charge your Phone faster

Having a dead phone can be a drag. Especially now that we rely on our phone for practically everything from texting, emailing, to social media.

Switching your phone into Airplane Mode can speed up the charging process. Airplane Mode shuts off all the behind-the-scenes data usage that drains your battery.

Head to Settings and tap the Airplane Mode switch on. While the increase in speed is minor, it could make all the difference in a pressed situation.

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Control your data usage

Unless you’re willing to pay for an unlimited plan from one of the larger carriers, data conservation is key. Turns out, unless otherwise instructed, almost all apps use data behind the scenes to update push notifications and keep things current.

Go into Settings and enter the Cellular Menu to restrict data usage for certain apps. This isn’t permanent, so if you decide you do want constant Facebook notifications then turning it back on is just as easy.

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Put timer on Music

If you like listening to audio before drifting off to sleep but don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night by the continuing drone of your favorite NPR show, then check out the sleep timer function.

For iTunes or Spotify simply open the clock app, scroll to the timer icon and select Stop Playing at the bottom. This will silence unwanted tunes after a set period.

In the podcast app expand the play bar to full screen and press the crescent moon icon which will allow you to set a sleep timer. Audiobooks through Audible will offer the same feature.

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Turn off distractions

A great way to cut off the noise and constant push notifications from the outside world is to use the Do Not Disturb mode. Activating it will allow you to schedule a period of time where you won’t receive calls, alerts, or other digital diversions.

Simply enter the Do Not Disturb menu from Settings and you will find a variety of preferences you can choose from to create the perfect technology time-out.

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Track your iPhone

Losing an iPhone can be a traumatic experience, especially if you recently paid money for a new one. But circumstances needn’t be so dire with the help of iCloud and the iPhone's built-in GPS – if you’ve taken the proper precautions.

After you’ve set up iCloud, go into the iCloud settings and enable Find iPhone. You can also just download the Find iPhone app. Once signed up, you can track your phone on a map. From there, you can remotely force the phone play a sound, lock down the phone, have it display an alert message, or even wipe its memory.

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Of course, this might not be necessary if you can find it via the GPS tracker. Just hope it doesn't run out of battery power ... or lose service.

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