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7 cool and unknown features of iPhone, which will make you say Awesome

iPhone with App Gyaan
7 cool and unknown features of iPhone, which will make you say Awesome
iPhone is one of the great devices Apple has given to the world, it simple to use and full of possibilities. But as we always talk good things come with hidden features. The feature which is available but knows to only a few people.

Even though you keep your iPhone with you every moment, use it multiple times in a day to call friends, leave a message to others, use it as a music and video player, etc. In this article, we are going to talk about 7 such features which will change the way you use your device.

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Receive Notification for Email Thread Replies

It’s an intelligent way to be watchful about email thread. If you enable this application, a pop up will notify you whenever you have a new email message to the thread. To activate this service, click on the flag icon in the lower left side of an email message and select the option to notify me and then again notify me. And in case you want to disable the facility perform the same action again.

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Save Online Images

If you will tap on any image in Safari it’ll represent an action list with a few options including save the image. Also, you can take the screenshots to save them in your photos library.

Change iBooks into Audio Books

It’s the excellent feature of iPhone for visually impaired people. They can access its “VoiceOver” feature which acts as a gesture-based screen reader. VoiceOve essentially reads out in a loud voice what is on the iPhone’s screen. Apart from this, it can also convert iBooks into audio books. To activate it, go to Settings>General>Accessibility>VoiceOver>On. Once it’s activated, the VoiceOver will read the text documents for you, as soon as you head over to your iBooks app.

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Swipe to Delete

You don’t need to perform too many steps to delete anything. There are some impressive features to delete messages quickly. The most common way is to hit the edit button and choose the messages, then click on the red button. Otherwise, just swipe to bring up a delete option. In your inbox, notes, phone messages and more, swipe your finger from right to left across the screen over the message and press the delete button as soon as it appears to toast the text or message.

Put Together More Folders to the Dock

To create folders and bringing it to the home screen is a great ability of the iPhone when it comes to accessing and organizing the important apps. You can create any app just by holding it until the time it doesn’t start wiggling. At the point, it wiggles, drag and drops it to the other application you wish to add in the same app. The iPhone itself will give it a name according to its contents and you can also rename it. Now you can drag and drop this app on the dock to access it fast.

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Change the Order of Spotlight Search Result

The iPhone’s has brought flexible improvements in its Spotlight Search functionality. It has made it even more relevant by just tweaking the settings.

To alter the order, go to the Settings>General>Spotlight Search. Now you’ll see a list of categories showing three bars icon after each category and you can change the order of results you search. This useful feature prioritizes your search results based on what you’re most likely to search for (apps, e-mails, games, contacts, etc.).

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A Smarter Way to Click the Pictures

iPhone has the feature to take Photos & Videos with iPhone’s Headphones/Volume Up Button. To click photo open the camera mode and then press the volume + button on the remote on your Apple or Apple-compatible earbuds, and to take selfies open the video mode and then press the middle button (play/pause).

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