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7 hidden features of iOS 11 which no one talks about

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7 hidden features of iOS 11 which no one talks about
It's always exciting to have the new OS on your Mobile device, every time Apple releases the new version of iOS, it brings lots of new stuff for the existing users. It likes having a new iPhone experience wise.

Today, in this article we are going to talk about 7 hidden features of iOS 11 which no one is talking about, this will help you to be ready for the launch of OS.

Photos app uses machine learning to create Memories

The Photos app now uses machine learning to automatically create memories (Albums) based on time and location. It’ll also learn what’s in the images, like a dog, for example, and create memories around that.

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Storage Optimization

As well as giving users a Files app, iOS 11 also offers more options for optimising the amount of available storage. Choose iPhone Storage from General in Settings to get some suggestions about photos, apps, videos and other content you can safely get rid of.

Apple Maps inside buildings

Apple Maps will now give you more details about your location, well, if you’re in the US that is. Once you arrive at a mall “moll” or airport, Apple Maps will give you an internal map of the building.

This is the US only at launch and will roll out over time.

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Speed Limit and Lane Guidance in Maps

This one’s super useful. The iPhone, with Apple Maps, is now a much better-sat nav replacement, with Speed Limits and Lane Guidance information when driving.

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Livelier Live Photos

Photos get a few tweaks, with a nod to Instagram - you can now turn your Live Photos into video loops, or get them to bounce back and forth, or create a long exposure. The Camera app gets more filters as well.

HomeKit app now supports speakers

Using AirPlay 2, Apple HomeKit will now allow you to create multi room audio setups in the Home app. This includes using your television and the Apple TV as an audio device.

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Special Apple Music

New to Apple Music is people profiles so you can show off your own taste in music through playlists you've decided to make public, as well as follow your friends and see what they're listening to. It's all very - dare we say it - Spotify-esque, but it's helpful.

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