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This is how you can gain the 3.5 mm headphone jack on your iPhone 7

iPhone 7 with headphone jack
This is how you can gain the 3.5 mm headphone jack on your iPhone 7
Everyone was shocked when Apple decided to ditch the 3.5mm jack from the iPhone last year. It was a bold decision for the company, which many people have not taken on the good node and were confused, disappointed, and amused by on particular design choice.

Now when we are standing on the verge of getting new iPhone, one modder has installed a custom 3.5mm jack into his iPhone 7. Wait, don’t think about the last time trend where people use to drill the hole to get the iPhone jack, It’s genuine.

If you remember, Scotty Allen, former software engineer, who has previously built his own iPhone 6s from parts he found in Chinese electronics markets, so customising his iPhone 7 wasn’t too big a deal. He posted a video of his project you his YouTube channel detailing his project and boy is it entertaining.

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The good news about Allen's adventure to add a headphone jack to the iPhone 7 is it that the procedure worked, which means it's actually possible. The bad news is that it's not easy, and no one should actually try it themselves.  

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Allen starts with a used iPhone 7 and pulls it apart to get a better understanding of the phone's innards and how he can get a headphone jack to fit into the tight space. The project is fraught with challenges, which is why the video runs more than 30 minutes. It's a fascinating journey through Allen's problem-solving process and the creativity required to pull it off. 

So, does he manage this miracle? According to a jubilant Allen in the video, "I finally got it working. I finally put it together without breaking anything." He gives a demonstration of the headphones working. Barring any sort of video trickery, it looks to be an astounding success.

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Allen notes that he spent thousands of dollars on this project. The cost includes three iPhones, several screens, custom circuit boards and numerous other small parts. The biggest drawback to the final design is that he can't charge the phone and listen to music at the same time.

To conclude this, we can only say that it is impossible for the users to follow the steps and get the headphone jack back on the device. But the best part was the trick was not something we saw last time for getting the headphone jack on your iPhone 7.

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