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Apple is losing it innovation capabilities and iPhone 8 is proof

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Apple is losing it innovation capabilities and iPhone 8 is proof
There was a time when other companies use to follow Apple for their technologies. The smartphone was something that Steve Jobs launched with the future in mind and the result is in front of everyone. But if you see from last few years Apple is lacking the innovation.

It started in 2013 when the Cupertino-based company introduced Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor on its iPhone 5S, it wasn't Apple's original idea. The technology had been around and applied on many smartphones before Apple did. But the fingerprint sensor on iPhone was glitch free and extremely accurate and it became a mandatory feature in most smartphones.

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Now when Apple is all set to launch the new flagship of the year, there are many new features which Apple is going to introduce in the upcoming iPhone, but the question is, “Are they really new?” It might be new for the Apple but it is old for the rest of the world.

You talk about any of the rumored features of iPhone 8 and you will find that technology is well available in the market. First thing first the bezel less display, almost all the Chinese Smartphone makers are coming with the design and I feel Xiaomi is better in this technology than anyone else. You talk about wireless charging it is there for a long time now in Samsung phones. So, the point I want to make here is somewhere Apple is lacking behind the trend of the market.

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Let’s talk about the most talked and appreciated the feature of iPhone 8 the Facial Recognition technology, for which the good old home button is expected to be ditched, as face recognition will unlock the device. Even facial recognition isn't new by any stretch, Samsung has its iris scanner on S8 and S8+ and LG's Q6 also has similar technology. Microsoft's Surface devices also had this technology for a while now. With Apple, the expectation of "something new" might not be there anymore yet the air is full of anticipation.

The trend over the years has been that once Apple introduces a technology in its own inimitable style, others start following it. While face recognition isn't a path-breaking new innovation, it could very well turn out to be the differentiator.

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So, the point we want to make here is Apple is somewhere losing that tag of being innovative, the name is quite big and the company is selling through this, but I still feel that company is somewhere missing the charm of being unique which was the USP of Apple under the leadership of Steve Jobs.

What you people think about the Apple innovation capabilities, considering the fact that they come with solid control on technology. Do let us know your views in the comment section below and subscribe to App Gyaan for all the latest story from Smartphone world.

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