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Apple releases the iOS 11.1 for developer here are the new features

iOS 11.1
Apple releases the iOS 11.1 for developer here are the new features
Apple has released one of the biggest updates of their Mobile OS iOS 11 last week and now just days later, the company has rolled out OS, iOS 11.1 to developers. The OS version comes right after the release of iOS 11.0.1.

As mentioned by 9to5Mac, the iOS 11.1 now comes with an updated animation when users tap on the status bar to reach the top of the page. The device unlocking animation and the lock screen camera animation have also been updated.

The developer version of the iOS 11.1 has new assistive touch custom actions along with new icons in the assistive touch menu. It has been also mentioned that the new assistive touch menu now opens near the assistive touch icon.
Besides this, the iOS 11.1 includes updated camera icons under Settings - General - Restrictions along with a tweaked animation while jumping between apps when tapping a notification. It also features grouped emoji typing suggestions.

Some of the key features of iOS 11 are :

Screen recording

If the 'Screenshots' album in your Photos app is constantly filled with thousands of WhatsApp conversations, memes and funny Instagram photos to send to your mates, you might be excited to know that there's a new, snazzier feature coming with iOS 11.
The new software will allow you to do screen recordings - so if you want to show your mum how to change her Facebook settings you can just record a little video and send it to her.

The feature was first uncovered by 20-year-old Faiz Shakir from New York, who had access to a beta version of iOS 11 through Apple's developer program, and shared details of the new function on his Twitter account.

'Emergency SOS' feature

iOS 11 will include an option to lock down your iPhone and get a hotline to the police whenever you find yourself in jeopardy.
The new "Emergency SOS" feature, spotted by programmers with access to the iOS 11 beta, is launched by tapping the iPhone's power button rapidly five times.

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