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Massive leak about the iPhone 8 before the launch maximum features revealed

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Massive leak about the iPhone 8 before the launch maximum features revealed
iPhone 8 is going to be a reality on 12th September and the biggest confusion about the device still prevailed. As we have reported earlier, it is still not clear that what will be the name of new flagship device from Apple. 

There are many reports suggesting that device will be called as iPhone X, some other report is saying that it will be named as iPhone edition and some say it will be iPhone Pro. It is still not clear what exactly it will be known as.  

As we have seen many features of iPhone 8 was leaked online from the various sources. Now some of these details have been confirmed in the iOS 11 GM, the GM here stands Golden Master, which is a term for the final version of the software. 

If you recall, the iOS 11 was announced at the WWDC, which is Apple's conference for developers, a few months ago. It was in beta stage at that time. By September 12, the iOS was supposed to reach the final version phase. And it actually has as the leaked iOS 11 GM shows. This is the version of iOS 11 that is going to power the iPhone 8. 

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Not surprisingly, the iOS 11 GM version offers a lot of clues about the features and hardware of the iPhone 8. So, before Apple launches its special anniversary edition iPhone, let's recap what all the iPhone 8 is bringing to users. 

iPhone 8 feature and specs leaked through iOS 11 GM 

1.     The iOS 11 GM makes it certain that the iPhone 8 is going to come with an OLED screen. These screens show punchier colours, have better contrast and come with features like always-on display. These are the reasons why Samsung only uses OLED displays in its high-end phones like the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8. This is also the reason why companies like Nokia, Google (the Pixel phone makers) and OnePlus use the OLED screens on their phones. Now Apple is joining the bandwagon. The iOS 11 GM beta hints that the phone will have a resolution of 1125 X 2436 pixels and come with True Tone colour feature that Apple first introduced in the iPad Pro. 

2.     The iOS 11 GM contains references to the Face ID. This will be one of the top features that Apple will introduce in the iPhone 8 as it will allow users to unlock their phone through face-recognition technology. It's not new. Microsoft earlier introduced face recognition in Windows 10 but it is widely speculated that Apple's decision to put face scanning hardware and feature on a phone will make 3D Face ID a popular feature in the world of smartphone. 

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3.     Apple has reportedly worked very hard to get the 3D face recognition right in the iPhone 8. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, considered one of the most reliable sources on Apple, notes that the iPhone 8 comes with structured light transmitters and receiver, which will make its 3D face recognition very precise. These components are made 6 components sources from 10 different manufacturers, which hints at the fact that it has not been easy for Apple to source the components for the 3D face ID in the iPhone 8. 

4.     Given that the iPhone 8 will have excellent face recognition feature, the iOS 11 GM hints that Apple will also use it for other purposes and not just for unlocking the phone. There are hints that with 3D scanning feature, Apple will allow users to create new 3D emojis that will be personalised for each user. These will be animated emojis. 

5.     Kuo also notes in his latest report that the iPhone 8 will come in white, black, and gold colours. On the front, the phone will have the all-black screen cover. in other words, no white bezels and that may make the iPhone 8 look better. 

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6.     The iOS 11 GM hints that the iPhone 8 will come with Portrait Lighting feature. We will get to know for sure on September 12 about this feature but indications are that it will help users give portrait photo an effect based on lighting. Currently, with the dual cameras, one of which uses a telephoto lens, of the iPhone 7 Plus, users can get a blurred background in portrait photos. In iPhone 8, Apple will also allow users to create the portrait based on artificial lighting conditions. For example, users will be probably able to shoot portrait during sunset, even when they are clicking photo inside a room. 

7.     From the iOS 11 GM, it looks like the Face ID will replace the Touch ID. Now as to where the Touch ID is going is not yet certain. Will it cease to exist entirely or will there be some other way for people to use, it is something we get to know only on September 12. 

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8.     As we noted earlier on these pages, the iPhone 8 is going to be the biggest redesign of the iPhone since it was launched in 2007. The phone is going to come without the physical home button. Instead, it will come with a software dock that will help users navigate on the phone. Many Android phone makers have already got rid of the physical home button. Now Apple is doing the same and is putting a large screen on the front of the device. 

9.     It is possible that some functionality of the home button (wake screen) will move to power button while some (fingerprint) will be moved to the Apple logo on the back. A fingerprint scanner on the back cover is already quite common in the world of Android. 

10.  The iPhone 8 will not only have the full glass front but also the glass back cover. This will help Apple hide the antenna lines in an even better way. The two glass parts will be joined with a metal frame. Also, the glass cover will help Apple put wireless charging on the phone. 

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11.  The iPhone 8 will be powered by Apple A11 processor, which will undoubtedly the fastest mobile processor in the world at its unveiling. Currently, that title belongs to the A10. The iPhone 8 will also come with 3GB RAM and at least 64GB storage. 

12.  The iPhone will have the dual-camera system on the back, similar to what is there in the iPhone 7 Plus. However, all cameras on the back and front have received hardware upgrade in the iPhone 8 to better support augmented reality features that Apple introduced in the iOS 11. Of the two lenses on the rear, one will be a telephoto lens similar to what is there in the iPhone 7 Plus. One big change that is expected in the iPhone 8 main camera is said to be related to the image sensor. This is one area where phones like the Google Pixel and the Galaxy S8 are far ahead of Apple. With iPhone 8 Apple may fix this. 

13.  The iPhone 8 will have water and dust proof design. 

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AirPods free with iPhone 8?

As expected, the iPhone 8 will come without the 3.5mm headphone jack. This was removed in the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus and there is no chance that Apple will bring it back in the iPhone 8. But the big question right now is if the iPhone 8 will come with the free pair of Airpods. Earlier, there were reports that the AirPods, which are Apple's wireless earbuds, will be bundled with the iPhone 8 for free. But it is not a certainty. The Airpods are expensive. They cost $160 so bundling them with the iPhone 8 may not be easy. Although whether Airpods will be free or not for the iPhone 8 users is a question that will be answered on September 12, one thing that iOS 11 GM confirms is that the there will be a new version of the Airpods that Apple unveils on the iPhone 8 launch.

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