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Biggest confusion about iPhone 8 before the launch of device

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Biggest confusion about iPhone 8 before the launch of device
We know many things about the Apple upcoming flagship device, but what is most confusing about the device is its real name. Many of us call it by the name of iPhone 8 by default considering the big upgrade Apple is going to be a push in the device. Until some time back things were pretty simple as everyone was expecting that device will be named as iPhone 8, but recent reports have created the confusion.

Some of the reports suggest that the latest iPhone is going to be named as iPhone X, as X signifies 10th anniversary of iPhone. While other reports say that it is going to be named as iPhone Edition.

Other possibilities are floating around for the next iPhone. One is the iPhone Pro, a name suggested by Apple blogger John Gruber. It'd be in keeping with how Apple names its other high-end hardware products — the MacBook Pro, the Mac Pro, the iMac Pro, and so on.

Another rumor that has gotten a lot of traction is the iPhone Edition. At the start of September, the Apple news site 9to5Mac reported that phone-case makers thought the device would use the "Edition" name and were preparing to print merchandise based on it. It's also a name that has been rumored at least as far back as March and would make sense. Apple has named special-edition products "Edition" before — just look at the $17,000 gold Apple Watch Edition.

A fourth option: the iPhone X. The Dutch news site iCulture reports, citing an unnamed "reliable source," that the next iPhone will use the name "X" — an apparent reference to its 10th birthday. Evan Blass, a reliable journalist who specializes in tech leaks, lent weight to this theory, writing on Twitter: "FWIW, I've also heard 'iPhone X.'"

These all reports and the earlier name is the reason for the biggest confusion about the Apple new iPhone. Although the reality about the name is a few hours away, we feel that Apple will do the proper naming of the device.

So, what you guys think? What will be the real name of Apple next flagship? Do let us know in the comment section below and stay with App Gyaan for all the news related to the big launch event.

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