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iPhone 8 goes through a brutal durability test and you will be surprised with result

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iPhone 8 goes through a brutal durability test and you will be surprised with result
Apple has recently launched the successor of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the form of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The devices are up for pre-order and in some country, people have got the hands-on as well.

Recently, the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has unboxed the iPhone 8 and proceeded to take the device through all possible harsh test on the device like a scratch, burn and bend tests.

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Starting with the display first, Apple claims the phone has the most durable glass on a smartphone screen ever. In the scratch test, the display managed to survive, at least to a certain degree. The glass on the screen can protect it from everyday activities, like leaving the device in the pocket with keys and coins.

Moving on to the back, the durability test reveals that Apple is using a lower-grade Sapphire glass on the camera lens instead of a pure Sapphire material. While most Sapphire resists scratching until level eight or nine on the Mohs hardness scale, the iPhone 8’s sapphire lens exhibited visible marks on level six itself. The paint on the aluminum frame of the device peels off easily when scratched with a sharp blade.

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When exposing to the device to fire, part of the iPhone 8’s screen went black for a while, but the pixels recovered easily after cooling down. In the bend test, the phone passed with flying colors as it didn’t show any sign of flexing at all. While the iPhone 7’s waterproofing adhesive was ruined by the bend test last year, the iPhone 8 sports a much more durable design.

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Pre-orders for the iPhone 8 have kicked off in India today alongside the iPhone 8 Plus. They will start shipping to early buyers on September 29th. The price in the country starts at Rs 64,000 for the base 64GB model of the iPhone 8 and goes up to Rs 86,000 for the 256GB iPhone 8 Plus.

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