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Samsung is making iPhone 8 expensive: Report

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Samsung is making iPhone 8 expensive: Report
Apple is going to reveal the next flagship phone of 2017 on 12 September. Last week, Apple sent out media invites for the launch event, where the Cupertino major is set to announce its tenth-year anniversary special edition aka iPhone 8. Still, the name of a flagship phone is still confusing many of us.

On the Sept 12 launch event which takes place at Steve Jobs Theatre inside Apple's new campus, based in Cupertino, California the tech company is expected to announce a range of products alongside its anniversary edition phone. But the biggest talking point of the event is going to be the prices of iPhone 8 or what ever Apple calls it.

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As per the earlier reports, iPhone 8 is expected to be the costliest iPhone till date. It is speculated that iPhone 8 will comes with a price tag of around $1000, which roughly translates to Rs 1 lakh. The prices that have been speculated so far are $999 for the 64GB variant, $1099 for 256GB variant and 1199 for the 512GB variant of the iPhone 8.

It seems the extra money apple is trying to take out from your pocket is going to Samsung rather than Apple. Surprising, isn’t it? Apple is using OLED screen on its upcoming flagship and Samsung is the vendor who meets the criteria of Apple by having the production capabilities Apple is looking for.

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So what makes the Apple use OLED display and make iPhone more expensive? Apple has used OLED displays, and they offer certain advantages over the LCD tech it used in the past. OLED uses less power, offers darker blacks, and responds faster, making the overall picture look better (in theory).

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Digging deep into the situation Apple Insider reported on analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s note to investors, which claims that as Samsung is the only firm able to produce OLED parts on the scale required by Apple, it has put the Korean company in a position where it can charge a premium rate.

As the new iPhone makes the switch from LCD to OLED panels, KGI suspects Apple is paying more than double what it did for screens in previous models. Specifically, the cost is said to have gone up from $45 - $55 per unit to $120 - $130, with the increase being passed on to the consumer.

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Kuo said this means “Apple is in urgent need of finding a second source of OLED." It will take time to find a supplier who can match the quality and quantity of the OLEDs produced by Samsung, but LG seems like the obvious choice, especially as Apple reportedly invested $2 billion into LG Display as an advanced payment for future smartphone OLED screens.

So, ultimately you can say that even iPhone 8 is being made by Apple, it is being made expensive by Samsung. What you people think about this situation. Do let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned to App Gyaan for all the latest updates on Apple Big Event.

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