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Five best and deeply hidden features of iPhone

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Five best and deeply hidden features of iPhone
iPhone is full of features and capabilities and some are so hidden that you have to be dependent on tips to find out those extra capabilities of your device and get the maximum out of it.

We keep on brining you the hidden features of the device and in that series today we are going to talk about five best and deeply hidden features of iPhone. But before you check them out, make sure you're running iOS 10.3 or later on your iPhone.

Create custom vibration alerts

By setting up custom vibration alerts, you can easily tell what type of notification you're getting without picking up your phone. Just go to Settings > Sounds, and choose an alert for which you want to create a custom vibration — for example, "Text Tone" or "New Mail." Then, tap "Vibration" and under "Custom," tap "Create New Vibration."

Tap and hold to create a pulse, and lift your finger to enter a pause between pulses. Tap "Stop" when you're done, and make sure to "Save" your custom vibration.

Like Ctrl+Z or Command+Z for your iPhone

This feature is especially useful if you accidentally delete long paragraphs of text.

You can turn this feature on and off by going to General > Accessibility, and tap the toggle next to "Shake to Undo."

Respond to calls with instant text

Before I knew about this trick, I used to take the time to decline a call, unlock my phone, open my iMessages, and text the person who called me. I can do the same thing now with just two taps.

Go to Settings > Phone and tap "Respond with Text." Here, you'll be able to create up to three custom text responses that you can use whenever you're unavailable to take a call.

Easily and quickly type symbols and letters

This trick makes typing symbols much more convenient. For example, to type a backslash, tap and hold the forward slash symbol instead of tapping the "123" button and then tapping the "#+=" button to get to the backslash button.

Save more time while typing

Instead of tapping the "123" button while typing to enter a period, double tap the space bar to insert a full stop. To turn this feature on and off, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and tap the toggle next to "." Shortcut.

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