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Six new features of iOS 11 after the 9th beta version of OS for iPhone

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Six new features of iOS 11 after the 9th beta version of OS for iPhone
Apple has launched the iOS 11 at WWDC 2017 and OS has lot new things to offers to Apple iPhone and iPad users. After the release of OS Apple has kept on improving the OS and recently releases the 9th beta version of OS.

Also, if we’re not mistaken, this might be a record for Apple has the company ever released nine different betas ahead of a GM? Whatever the case, developers (and non-developers who are too cool to play by the rules) can now update their compatible iPhones, iPads, and 6th-gen iPod touch to iOS 11 beta 9 via an over the air (OTA) installation, or by downloading the new iOS 11 beta 9 build from Apple’s developer site.

This shows the importance of new OS as Apple doesn't want to leave any stone unturned to make the OS best for users.

In this article, we are going to talk about 6 great features of iOS 11 which will make your iPhone and iPad more powerful.

Smarter Siri

Apple's Siri virtual assistant is getting a makeover in iOS 11. The new Siri, with more natural male and female voices, can translate speech, including English, French, German Chinese, Spanish and Italian. It can also be used for task management, to take notes and to scan QR codes.

The intelligent assistant will monitor what users do across their devices to learn how we use apps and services. In iOS 11 Siri can spot interests, such as what news articles you read, and make recommendations from there.

Redesigned messenger

Apple's iMessage will now synchronize messages across devices, so deleting a message in one app will delete it across all devices. It will also feature a new toolbar for emoji and stickers within iMessage.

Another major update is the addition of Apple Pay as an app to iMessage. Users can instantly send payments through iMessage. If another user sends a message asking for a payment, Apple Pay can immediately recommend making the payment so you can quickly reimburse friends.

Better camera and photos

The iPhone camera is getting a series of updates in iOS. It will be improved with better compression for captured videos and pictures that will offer the same image quality at half the size on the user's device.

Apple has implemented changes to its portrait mode, including better low light photography through its dual cameras. Live photos will now enable "Loop" and "Bounce" effects to create continuous video loops.

The Photos App will also be able to create memory movies based around memories, photos of pets or friends.

Augmented reality support

iOS 11 includes a kit for developers to make augmented reality (AR) products for the iPhone and iPad. Users will be able to use the camera to see virtual content built on to of real-world settings for gaming, shopping or creative design.

App Store

For the first time in its nine-year history, Apple has redesigned its App store. The new-look download shop includes sections for featured apps and games, with articles and videos exploring more detail of their development, story, and design.

Do not disturb while driving

Apple will introduce a new driver safety feature in iOS 11. The feature, called "Do Not Disturb While Driving", can detect when owners are driving and triggers the new mode.

It turns the user's iPhone screen black and gives them the option to send automatic replies telling contacts they are on the road.

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