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Samsung is afraid of iPhone 8 might take this step

Samsung note 8
Samsung is afraid of iPhone 8 might take this step
It seems that much-awaited smartphone of the year 2017 has made Samsung afraid. Yes, you guess it correctly, we are talking about iPhone 8. As we have seen that sale of SamsungGalaxy S8 and S8 plus has gone done ahead of the big launch of Apple devices and now they are so afraid that they might launch the Samsung Galaxy S9 much before the expected time frame.

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It seems that the war between Apple and Samsung is heating up all the way and Samsung is facing the issues in recent time. If we look the history, in early 2017, Samsung had the whole Galaxy Note 7 debacle to deal with, and that’s why it delayed the Galaxy S8 launch from February to March. The phone didn’t even reach stores until April. But next year’s Galaxy S9 might be released much earlier than that because Samsung is apparently very afraid of the incoming iPhone 8.

As we all are aware and expecting, the Galaxy S9 to be unveiled at or around MWC 2018, but The Investor says Samsung has other plans. Apparently, the company has pushed the Galaxy S9’s launch forward to “defend” against the iPhone 8 that Apple will unveil in less than two weeks.

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As per the report published in the BGR, Samsung Display will begin OLED panel shipments for the new Galaxy S9 in November, two months earlier than last year. The display maker started OLED screen deliveries for the Galaxy S8 in January 2017, and the phone was unveiled on March 29th ahead of an April 21st release date.

The Investor explains that display panels are usually shipped ahead of other parts, including camera modules. It then takes two to three months for the phone to be fully assembled. Parts makers have apparently predicted an earlier-than-expected Galaxy S9 launch in part because panel development started all the way back in April last year, three to four months ahead of schedule. Of note, the project’s code name is said to be “Star.”

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All these reports bring a lot of joy to fans of iPhone 8, who are eagerly waiting for the launch of the device. What is your opinion about the fear Samsung is having about the launch of iPhone 8? Do share your views and opinion in the comment section below.  

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