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ZTE is all set to launch Axon M first foldable smartphone in October

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ZTE is all set to launch Axon M first foldable smartphone in October 
If you see, you will find that from the long the smartphone industry has not changed. It has been similar from the time when Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone. The form factor of the device remained the same. Almost a year back we have started seeing the innovation on the design front in the smartphone segment, with the introduction of bezel-less display design. But, overall all the phones still use the same touchscreen slate form factor.

But it feels that now the trend is going to change, we have recently heard that Samsung is planning to launch the foldable phones next year. Last year, Lenovo also offered us a glimpse of concept designed to be worn like a bracelet and the recent report suggest that ZTE is all set to launch the foldable smartphone in the month of August.

Recently, Android Authority shared images of an upcoming phone from ZTE, which will use a foldable form factor. According to their source, ZTE is set to launch a foldable dual-screen smartphone dubbed as the ZTE Axon M. Though the device was leaked previously also, known as the ZTE Axon Multy.

Specification of ZTE Axon Multy

The Axon Multy, which could launch as the Axon M, features dual Full HD 1080p displays, which can fold out into a single 6.8-inch display, according to Android Authority. The photo shows a device with the display folded in two halves - both with slimmer bezels. The smartphone comes with a sleek design that appears to be built with glass and metal.  The Axon Multy could feature the Snapdragon 820, the leading mobile processor from Qualcomm in 2016.

The phone will also reportedly feature 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. A 3,120 mAh battery will power the two displays, but the phone still measures less than 10 millimeters thick when folded, according to the report.

ZTE is holding an event on October 17, and it seems likely that the Axon M will be showcased. As you can see in the images, the two displays aren't foldable on their own, but the overall device is thanks to the hinge system that connects the two parts.

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