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5 great hidden features for iOS 11 which you should start using immediately

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5 great hidden features for iOS 11 which you should start using immediately 
Apple has released the iOS 11 for their iOS devices and the OS is one of the best with some great changes and features that have been included in the OS.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the 5 hidden features of iOS 11 which can make your day easy and you should start using it now.

Screen recordings

It’s interesting to note that iOS 11 has a built-in screen recording feature. To activate the feature, head over to the Control Center, tap the Record icon and a 3-second countdown timer appears inside the icon. The feature essentially allows recording what you are doing on the screen. And yes, it will take advantage of your microphone on the device.

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Scan QR codes from the camera app

iOS 11 users will be able to scan QR codes using the iPhone’s camera app. It supports a dozen types of QR codes. You can use QR codes to setup HomeKit devices, open websites, and setup routers, among other things. All you need to open the iPhone’s camera app, point it at a QR code, and upon doing this you will see a popup notification.

Share Screenshots quickly

The ability to take screenshots gets a big boost in iOS 11. So, when you take a screenshot, a small preview window appears in the bottom left of the screen. You can then edit and doodle on the screen. When you are done, you can share the edited screenshot via email, message and other apps.

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Do not disturb while driving

iOS 11 has a feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving. It basically turns off your phone without actually turning it off. So, no annoying notifications while driving. However, you can always customise the feature to allow calls, text from your favorite contacts. To turn on the feature, head over to Settings > Do Not Disturb and click Activate Do Not Disturb While Driving.
Customise Control Center

In iOS 11, the Control Center has been completely revamped. But what is more interesting is that it can be customised fully. To do this, head over to Settings>Control Center and Customise Controls. Plus, you can also add in shortcuts like quick access to notes, Alarm, Low Power Mode,  Apple TV remote, and more.

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