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Apple iPhone X has new feature reveals the new video

iPhone X
Apple iPhone X has new feature reveals the new video 
Apple has launched the three iPhone this year, regular iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus but the biggest one was the launch of iPhone X, futuristic device with an awesome design. As we all know that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is available in the market for order, iPhone X is still 26 days away from the launch, but at least one person has already gotten their hands on one of the sought-after 5.8-inch devices if a video shared on Reddit is anything to go by.

All through the device has many new features the new video shows the never seen feature of iPhone X. The leaked video of what appears to be a iPhone X with a new dynamic wallpaper in the wild.

The video was posted to Instagram but then deleted; however, a Reddit user (anonymousedave52) had saved the video before its deletion and reloaded it to the site.  

As per the report in Mac Rumors, the device video is Made in U.S. Report says “According to the original poster, the video was uploaded from the San Jose area, California, making it likely that the clip was recorded by someone who knows an Apple employee with early access to the device. The iPhone X in the clip is also displaying an AT&T logo in the upper left corner, adding further weight to the suggestion this was recorded in the U.S.

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