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Good old days are back for Apple with iPhone X

iPhone X
Good old days are back for Apple with iPhone X
Whenever Apple releases the new iPhone it becomes the matter of pride to buy one at the earliest among the iPhone fans and this is the repeated story of every year. But this year it was missing with the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The reason behind it was not a secret, with iPhone X coming later it was expected that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 will not receive that great response.

But the time has gone and the iPhone X is available to order around the world and we can say the good old days are back. From the huge ques to overnight stay outside the Apple store, everything is back and with these types of response, iPhone fans are going to make the iPhone X a huge success.

The eye-watering price tag of $999 doesn't seem to be keeping fans away as thousands waited in long lines outside of Apple stores around the country to get their hands on the much-anticipated iPhone X. 

And the high-end device is testing the patience of consumers and investors, as the company did not make enough models to meet demand worldwide.

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So those who do manage to get through the door to buy one this morning will be pleased to know they are sitting on potential gold mines, with some devices already being auctioned off on eBay for up to $18,000.

The X is Apple's next-generation smartphone that uses facial recognition software for the first time and is on sale today in cities around the world - with queues building at Apple Stores amid rumors of limited stock.

And sales had Wall Street booming as shares hit an all-time high on Friday morning as optimistic reviews poured in about how the X would make this quarter's earnings soar.

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We bring you some of the great pictures, which shows the success story of iPhone X. 

Line for buying iPhone X

Line for buying iPhone X

Line for buying iPhone X

Here are some of the tweets showing the line and craze for the device:

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