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5 secret features of iPhone which you are not aware about

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5 secret features of iPhone which you are not aware about

According to me, iPhone is one of the coolest mobile device available in the market. All through the device is a bit expensive it gives you that experience. With the combination of iOS, iPhone does some really great things for their users.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 features that iPhone has but many of the users are unaware of the features, these will help you make most out of your device.

Create custom vibrations

How great would it be to know who’s calling, just by the way the iPhone is buzzing in your pocket? You can.

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In the Contacts app, select your person of choice and tap Edit. You’ll see a Vibration option. Press it and you’ll see many options, including a Create New Vibration tool to customize your own.

This way, you can have a different ring for your partner, kids, or boss – without even needing to glance at your phone. It’s great for multitaskers and for those in meetings all day (with your phone on silent).

Similarly, you can create custom ringtones for different people, as well as have the iPhone's light flash a unique pattern to know who’s calling.

Shake to delete

When typing words in any application (such as Mail, Messages, or Notes), or when using editing tools (Cut, Copy, or Paste), you can shake the iPhone to undo your typing. Shake again to redo.

This is much faster than pressing and holding the back/delete button until the unwanted text is gone.

And yes, a confirmation message will pop up to double-check you meant to do this, and it wasn’t just a sneeze. Tap to confirm or cancel.

If this shake feature accidentally happens more often than you like, deactivate it in Settings. Select General, Accessibility, Shake to Undo and then tap to turn off.

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Hide your private photos

Stop me if this sounds familiar: you hand your iPhone to your kids to play around with, or perhaps want to show a friend some photos from your recent vacation – and then you realize you have a photo or video on your device that’s, er, private.

No judging here. In fact, Apple wants to help you hide sensitive images, too.

Inside the Photos app, select one or more images, and then tap the Share button. Now choose Hide. Your chosen pictures will become invisible via the Moments, Collections, and Years views – but can still be accessed through the Albums screen.

Track a flight

‘Tis the season for air travel, but it can be just as stressful for those picking up from the airport as it is for the fliers themselves.

With your iPhone, you can now type the flight number into Safari’s address bar and you’ll see details of the flight pop up, no app needed. Tap on the results and not only will you see updated flight times and status, but a real-time map of where the plane is in the sky!

Picking up family, friends or colleagues from the airport has never been easier.

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Use the hidden trackpad

Say you’re composing a message, email, or note, and you need to change something you typed before sending or saving. With your new iPhone, simply press and hold on the keyboard and the cursor will automatically become a mouse-like trackpad.

Now keep your finger or thumb on the screen and drag around the cursor to reach the part of the text that you want to tweak – or to highlight text, just press a little harder while continuing to slide your finger and then let go for the keyboard to return.

On an iPad, swipe two fingers down on the keyboard to activate trackpad mode.

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