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6 awesome hidden tips for iPhone X

iPhone X
6 awesome hidden tips for iPhone X
Apple has launched three iPhone’s this year and the most beautiful and expensive one is non-other than iPhone X. Phone which has made lots of noise because of its redefined design and some of the great features like FaceID.

The device is awesome and it’s a great to have a device like that, if you own the device then this post is for you. In this post, we are going to talk about the 6 awesome features and tips of iPhone which will enhance your user experience with your device.

Double Tap the Side Button for Apple Pay

When you double-click the side button on the right-hand side of the device, it will open up Apple Pay. This makes it easier for you to pay bills without having to take your debit or credit card out of your wallet.

Home Indicator Opens the App Switcher

Without a physical Home button, Apple added a Home indicator at the bottom of the screen. The Home indicator is used for unlocking the device and for activating the app switcher. To activate the app switcher, you have to drag the opened app with your finger from the Home indicator to towards the right of the screen. Then you will see all of the opened apps lined up in order to switch between them easier.

Swipe the Bottom Edge to Return Home

The Home indicator line is also used for going back to the home screen when you have an app open. And swiping from the bottom edge while on the Home screen will take you back to page one -- which comes in handy if you have multiple app icon pages.

Swipe Left or Right to Switch Between Recent Apps

One of the easiest ways to switch between recently opened apps is to swipe left or right on the Home indicator line.

Swipe from the "Left Ear" For Cover Sheet

When you swipe down from the “left ear” (the area to the left of the notch) at the top of the iPhone X, it will show the “Cover Sheet.” The Cover Sheet used to be known as the Notification Center. 

Swipe from the "Right Ear" For Control Center

When you swipe down from the “right ear” (the area to the right of the notch) at the top of the iPhone X, it will show the Control Center. You can also customize the Control Center under the Settings app > Control Center > Customize Controls. Note: This is how you can see the battery life that is left on your iPhone X as well.

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