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6 special features of iOS 11 which are not known too many

iOS 11
6 special features of iOS 11 which are not known too many 
iOS 11 has been launched with some of the great features to make the user's life easy in their day to day task, but unfortunately, many of the iOS 11 are not aware of some of the cool features of the system.

Today in this article we are going to talk about 6 such features which can make your life simpler with your device but many of the users are unaware of the system capabilities.

Edit a screenshot right after you take it

When taking a screenshot in iOS 11, you no longer have to navigate to your iPhone’s camera roll to retrieve it. Immediately after the screen capture is taken, it will appear as a thumbnail in the lower left corner of your iPhone or iPad’s display. Tapping it will open the picture, which you can then mark up, annotate, and share.

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Scan documents in the Notes app

If you frequently use Apple’s Notes app for organizing important information, you may find it useful to store documents there, too. In iOS 11, you can scan a document without having to leave Notes. In a new or existing Note, press the plus icon above the keyboard to pull up a new menu. Select the “Scan Documents” option and the phone’s camera will start identifying your document.

Automatically silence notifications while driving

Thanks to iOS 11’s new Do Not Disturb While Driving feature, you can set your iPhone to automatically silence notifications and keep its screen dark when you’re behind the wheel. The iPhone can tell that you’re driving by observing when it connects to your car’s Bluetooth system or by gathering data from the phone’s accelerometer. You can choose to turn on Do Not Disturb While Driving manually or have it kick in automatically when it detects you’re in the car. To do so, navigate to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Do Not Disturb While Driving.

Type to Siri

When you’re commuting on the subway or in the middle of a meeting, you may not want to talk to Siri out loud. With iOS 11, you can now type a question or request to Apple’s virtual Assistant. Launch the Settings menu, then select General > Accessibility > Siri and make sure the “Type to Siri” switch is turned on.

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See apps and data that are hogging up space

If you frequently record videos and download a ton of music, it’s easy to breeze through your iPhone’s storage capacity. Thankfully, Apple has made it slightly easier to manage the amount of space that’s left on your iPhone by having iOS 11 serve up suggestions for maximizing your storage.

It may, for example, offer to offload apps you don’t use very often, or automatically delete old conversations in Messages. Apple will also tell you exactly how much space you’ll save by doing so. To check out these recommendations, open the Settings menu, then head over to General > iPhone Storage.

Turn a website into a PDF in Safari

If you come across a document or website online that you’d like to save as a PDF, you can now do so without having to use any third party apps. When viewing a website in Safari, tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen. Underneath the row of apps, you’ll find a list of actions. Scroll all the way over to the “Create PDF” option, and you’ll be presented with a PDF of the current page which you can annotate, share, or save to a folder on your device or in the cloud. Previously, you could only save a website as a PDF in iBooks.

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