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Four features that you can expect from iOS 12

iOS 12
Four features that you can expect from iOS 12
iPhone is one of the best devices to have from the current list in the market and the device is made that great with the help of iOS operating system. As we all are aware that every year Apple releases the new version of iOS. iOS 12 is going to be released this year.


In this article, we are bringing you the 4 features of iOS 12 that you can expect to come to your iPhone and iPad. 

Guest Mode to be introduced?

A new Guest Mode is showcased in the concept art that gives someone access to only a handful of apps, including Phone, Safari, Maps, Clock, and Weather. We wouldn't recommend granting access to the camera, though, unless the photos were stored in its own folder.

If you're someone who wishes iOS 12 came with multiple timers, the concept art envisions the feature. And of course, no iOS update would be complete without a reimagined camera design that lets you quickly change settings and pause video recordings. A new lock screen is also included in the concept art that gives you access to more information, including your local weather, notifications, and more.

New and refreshed home Screen?

The iOS 12 concepts don't necessarily deliver a major redesign. Instead, the artists believe that Apple could use its basic design in iOS 11 but clean it up and make it more efficient in iOS 12.

The artists also argue that Apple should find a way to not make the notch stand out so much and develop a black bar that runs across the screen to hide the iPhone X feature. But given all the iPhone X clones we've seen that mimic Apple's notch, we do not see that happening.

Animoji Updates

Animoji is a feature that allows iPhone X owners to create and share custom animated characters in the Messages app using the Face ID facial recognition system. Apple is likely going to add new characters and make it easier to use this feature by creating a more intuitive menu for it.

It is rumored that Apple will be announcing a new line of iPad Pros at WWDC this year with the Face ID feature. This means that Animoji is expected to be added to become available for the iPad Pros around that time as well.

Apple released the first 12.9-inch iPad Pro in November 2015. And that was followed up with a 9.7-inch iPad Pro in March 2016. And in June 2017, Apple released the second-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro and a 10.5-inch iPad Pro. So new iPad Pros being announced at WWDC this year would make sense timing-wise with Apple's previous release schedule.

Another interesting feature that Apple may be adding to iOS 12 is the ability to use the Animoji characters during real-time FaceTime sessions. So you will be able to talk to your friends and family with a digital emoji mask on. This would definitely cause a lot of laughs!

Siri Enhancements

As Apple officially joined the smart speaker market this year with the HomePod, it has become imperative for Siri to become as sophisticated as its competition. I personally believe that the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant digital assistants have fared better at understanding different pronunciations, accents, cadences and obscure references than Siri does.

In iOS 12, Apple Siri is expected to become deeply integrated with the Search view. And Apple will likely update Siri with better artificial intelligence technology.

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