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5 great features that will come to your iPhone with iOS 12

iOS 12

iPhone users have recently received the latest version of the iOS 11.3. The latest update has brought some great features for the iPhone users.

But many of us are waiting for the big update of iOS 12, although the reports suggest that it might not be a great update but we expect some great changes coming to your device with iOS 12.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 features which will come to your iPhone with iOS 12.

‘Slide to unlock’ may make a comeback

Apple removed the popular ‘Slide to Unlock’ feature from iPhones in iOS 10 (that launched in 2016), pushing more users towards using the TouchID-based home button to unlock the device. But it looks like the feature may make a comeback in iOS 12. Some users have reportedly even filed a petition asking Apple to bring back the feature.

Shazam song recognition app may get integrated into iPhones, iPads

Music discovery may see some improvements in iOS 12. That’s because of Apple’s acquisition of Shazam, one of the widely-used music discovery app. The service may be integrated into Siri.

Apple Airplay 2 may finally arrive

You may have heard of Apple Airplay 2. The feature was introduced last year at WWDC 2017 conference but is still to be rolled out. It showed up in the initial beta version of iOS 11.3 but was later removed, hinting that a full-fledged version may arrive in iOS 12. The feature lets users enable multi-room audio service.

FaceTime may get the group-calling ability like Skype

FaceTime is expected to finally get group video calling feature with iOS 12. This feature has been a long-pending demand of users, as services such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, and others already have it.

New emojis may be coming

New emojis are also likely to arrive with iOS 12. Last month, Emojipedia announced 150 new emoji characters. However, it is up to Apple how many out of these 150 characters in includes in iOS 12.

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