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8 hidden tips of iPhone to make master of your device

iPhone 8 Plus

Apple packaged a tonne of improvements in iOS 11 including updates to Maps, keyboard, App Store, Siri, and Control Centre.

The new OS from Apple brings a host of new features, tips, and tricks. We've worked our way through the operating system in order to help you take advantage of the new stuff and allow you to understand the latest software on your phone.

Tips and tricks are mainly for the iPhone 8/8 Plus users.

Enable True Tone display

To get the iPhone's screen to automatically adjust its color balance and temperature to match the ambient light in the room, head to Control Centre and force press the screen brightness slider. Now tap the True Tone button. You can also go to Settings > Display and Brightness and toggle the "True Tone" switch.

Charge wirelessly

To make use of the iPhone's new wireless charging capabilities, buy a wireless charger. Any Qi charger will work, but to charge more efficiently you need one optimized for Apple's 7.5W charging, like this BoostUp from Belkin.

Enable 60fps 4K video recording

Head to Settings > Camera > Record Video and then choose the 4K at the 60fps option to shoot at the highest resolution and frame-rate possible on an iPhone.

Shoot 1080p slow-motion at 240fps

Similar to the last one, head to Settings > Camera and then tap "Record Slow-mo" and choose the highest speed option. Now you can shoot 240fps slow-motion video at full HD.

Portrait Lighting effects (8 Plus only)

To shoot Portrait Mode shots with artificial lighting effects, first, go to shoot in Portrait mode. You can do this either by force-pressing the camera icon and choosing the Portrait shortcut, or be opening the camera app and be selecting the Portrait option in there.

Now you can just tap and hold the bottom of the frame where it says "Natural Lighting", and scroll through the options.

Edit Portrait Lighting effects after shooting (8 Plus only)

Open any Portrait shot in Photos and then tap "edit". After a second or two you'll see the lighting effect icon at the bottom of the image, tap it and swipe exactly as you did when shooting the image.

Fast charge it

If you have a 29W, 61W or 87W USB Type-C power adapter for a MacBook, you can plug in your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus be using a Type-C to Lightning cable and watch it charge really quickly. Up to 50 percent in 30 minutes.

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