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Apple will bring big change in iPhone price

iPhone X

It was last year when Apple launched the revolutionized iPhone the iPhone X, which is the Apple's current flagship. The iPhone X was more judged on the price, device costs a whopping $999 (£999 in the UK and AU$1,579 in Australia), but the price jumps up if you opt for extra storage: $1,149, £1,149 or AU$1,829.

Considering the fact of last year, Apple is working on a new iPhone that might be far cheaper than some might expect.

The tech giant is planning to release an iPhone this year featuring a 6.1-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) for just $550, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote to investors this week, citing sources who claim to have knowledge of Apple’s plans. Apple-tracking site 9to5Mac earlier reported on Kuo’s comments.

In a KGI investor's note, Kuo claims that the 6.1-inch iPhone could come in two variants: one with dual SIM card compatibility and one that only supports a single SIM. The single SIM variant is said to cost anywhere between $550 and $650 (that range converts to about £390-£460 or AU$710-AU$840), while the dual-SIM variant is said to cost $650 to $750 (about £460-£530 or AU$840-AU$970), according to the note.

A cheaper iPhone would give Apple the tools to globally compete against a swell of mid-priced and budget Android phones.

The company’s decision to price the iPhone at $550 to start might also prove a boon for Apple. Last year, with the unveiling of its iPhone 8, Apple said pricing would start at $699. Customers who want a big-screen and new iPhone this year could save $150 on that device.

Still, there are some caveats, according to Kuo. He said that while the 6.1-inch LCD option will start at $550, those who want the dual-SIM version might need to pay $650 to $750.

Kuo has previously said that Apple will unveil three new iPhones this year. The 6.1-inch model will be flanked by an upgrade to the iPhone X, as well as a new and bigger iPhone X Plus, he has said.

Apple, of course, has remained silent on its plans and likely will remain so until it’s ready to make an announcement

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