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5 really hidden features to charge your iPhone

iPhone Charging

As per the news circulating on the internet, Apple will allegedly introduce a fast-charging system inside the box with every iPhone sold later this year. While we wait for this magical moment in iPhone history, we have put together some really hidden tips for faster charging using the technology you have.

Switch the iPhone off

If you can live without your iPhone for 20 minutes, you’ll find it charges to full capacity much faster if you switch it off while plugging into power.

The only snag is that if you turn your iPhone off before connecting it to power your device will turn itself on again, so you should connect the device to power first and then turn it off.

Tips on temperature

iPhones are happiest at 62° to 72° F. If you use them in higher or lower temperatures you may find battery power gets used up faster than normal. In most cases, this gets better once you return the device to its optimum operating temperature — but never recharge your iPhone in direct sunlight.

Remove the case

Your iPhone may look cool and safe inside its snazzy case, but when you want to charge it up as quickly as you can you’ll want to remove it from this enclosure.

Use an iPhone or MacBook Pro charging brick

You can use Apple USB power adapters for iPad and Mac notebooks to charge your iPhone. The former provide 10-Watts and 12-Watts power so your device will be fully-charged much faster.

You can also use a Mac USB-C Power Adapter rated at29-Watts, 61-Watts, or 87-Watts with a USB-C to Lightning cable to fast charge iPhone 8, X and iPad Pro models.

AirPlane Mode

You’ll power your iPhone up a little faster if you switch it into AirPlane mode (Control Center>Tap the airplane mode icon) while you do. AirPlane mode switches off your iPhone’s mobile and wireless connections, reducing power draw.

The impact is noticeable. Tests in 2014 showed it makes just four minutes difference when recharging to full capacity, though it does seem much faster to around half charge capacity.

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