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5 incredible hidden things that you can do with your iPhone

iPhone X

iPhone is one of the feature-packed device available in the market and if you are using one of them you must be using some of the common and most efficient features of the device.

However, this popular smartphone is packed with plenty of hidden extras that can be incredibly handy.

From instant faster charging to the best calculator trick ever, here’s our guide to 5 hidden features you probably never knew about.

Find the hidden trackpad

iOS has always had a very reliable way to move your text cursor – holding down on the text until a small magnifying glass appears, which can be dragged to your desired spot.

But with the introduction of 3D Touch, Apple has included an even better way to quickly select and navigate around a body of text.

Press harder on the standard iOS keyboard and the individual keys will disappear and the turn a shade of grey, transforming the surface into a digital trackpad.

Sliding your thumb around the greyed-out surface will move the cursor. Push harder again, and you can select text as the cursor moves.

If you highlight the wrong word, just release the pressure slightly – without lifting your finger from the display – and then push harder again to de-select.

Zoom the screen as per your need

Buried in the Accessibility tab of the Settings app, Apple has included a setting that's disabled by default – Peek Zoom.

This allows you to zoom into any screen in iOS by pressing hard on the screen. If you lessen the force on the display, the screen will zoom-out

The zoom is controlled via the Zoom Controller that appears when Zoom and Show Controller is enabled.

To begin using the option, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom and then switch on Zoom and Show Controller.

Some Handy Calculator tricks

If you're anything like us, you probably hit the C key whenever you mistype a number within the iOS calculator app.

By rather than resetting the entire sum – there is an easy way to delete the last number you entered.

Simply swipe left or right on the calculator display panel to delete the last entered digit.

Screenshot on iPhone X

If you’ve upgraded to the stunning new iPhone X you might be baffled by how to take a screenshot.

On previous iPhone models, this is done by pressing the power button and home button at the same time.

However, with the iPhone X getting rid of the home button there’s now a new way of snapping what’s on your display.

To take a screenshot on the iPhone X simply press the larger Siri button on the right of the phone and the volume up switch at the same time.

Charge your iPhone Superfast

Apple’s latest iPhone 8 and iPhone X both allow for faster charging but, if you don’t have one of these devices there’s still a way to change things more quickly.

Swipe up on your home screen to reveal the control center and tap on the airplane icon.

This will put your phone in Airplane Mode and will also mean your phone charges to full around 5 minutes faster.

Just make sure you remember to exit Airplane Mode when you're fully powered up.

If you have a larger iPad charger this will also make filling the phone even faster.

It’s worth remembering that Apple only recommends using official chargers as unofficial versions can cause a fire risk.

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