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RozDhan App: Helps Users and Influencers Make Quick Money!

Making some extra money is always a welcome step as it can help you full fill your needs. In this article, we are going to talk about an app which can help you make money by doing some simple steps of watching the video and sharing articles. RozDhan App is the newest and most popular ways to make money online. If you are a student or housewives this app can help you earn money with fewer efforts.

We do understand that there are many apps that talk about the money-making scheme but in the end, all become a false promise, so let’s talk about the statics of RozDhan App. RozDhan is an android application 8 Million+ downloads and 900K+ active installations that offer ways to make extra money. It can be downloaded from the Play Store on your mobile. Offered globally in languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu it aspires to benefit masses. Currently-
  • Over 20,000 active users earn from Roz Dhan.
  • 1000 people have earned 50,000 rupees per month,
  • 300 people have earned 200,000 rupees per month
  • 80 people have earned 500,000 rupees per month from Roz Dhan.

Success story of a Student with RozDhan

As a student, I started watching and sharing interesting videos over RozDhan money-earning apps on Google Play. But my music teacher told me I can also, however, upload videos as well. YouTube partnership rules let my videos with 1.9 million views earn Rs. 40,000. The only way to do this is Roz Dhan. Other than that, I explored a few other ways of earning as well, such as- Downloading the already uploaded videos over the application and earn money.

There is an option of answering 12 simple questions and receiving the money. The questions can also help you in enhancing your knowledge about various topics. These aspects helped me earn Rs. 750k via referrals. Today, my sister and I also earn money by daily check-ins and also updating our profiles with the complete information in the application. It is a regular income for us and together she and I made more than 900k!

The Way to Refer & Earn On RozDhan

Now you must be wondering how Roz Dhan actually works or how can you earn thousands of rupees by using the application?

Download app from google play or easily click here bestearning app in 2019 to get.
  1. The application automatically gives you Rs. 25 in your account when you sign up from your mobile number/facebook/google.
  2. You will also receive Rs. 5 per referral. Hence, you can earn more money by sharing this application among your friends and family!
  3. Each person who downloads the application in their mobile and uses your referral code will also get bonus of Rs. 50.  Here is my invite CODE 05VL7B
  4. Share articles and earn 0.08 - 0.4Rs for each share.

However, referring and earning to make money fast is not the only activity you can do with this application.

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