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About App Gyaan

App Gyaan About us
We at App Gyaan believe in:

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn”.

‘App Gyaan’ is an independent online publication venture of few enthusiastic youths who are dedicated towards technologies and working together with an objective of in scripting on latest mobile, applications, technologies tips and tricks and new skills in demand.

We write about the technology in demand with core focus on the requirements that we 'the youth' desire and need. Nevertheless Youth is the biggest consumer of technology.

We at App Gyaan believe that if you have to learn something you have to feel and believe it.  With a team of technology enthusiastic people, we are committed to deliver the best that the Youth demands of the technology with all the possible and easy way.

Why App Gyaan?

The question which we at App Gyaan love to answer. App Gyaan is born with influence but run to influence. We believe in learn, unlearn and relearn. As we are writer of technology and Mobile industry, where things changes every single day, above phrase is the best way to do it.

We learn to deliver, unlearn to update and re learn to deliver new. We do things what others is doing but in our own way, to bring the different view of the same point.  
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You would be proud to know that our emerging App Gyaan Family is spread across the Internet (at your fingers' navigation). With presence on almost all leading social networking platforms like your Facebook, Google Plus, RSS Subscription, twitter, tumblr, Flipboard, Apple News (iOS Users) and many more, we  our are committed to reach you wherever our readers Desire!!!

The App Gyaan growing family welcomes you for all the latest Gyaan in Technology. So, keep Reading, Sharing and Liking us at your fingertips.


Rahul Kumar

Rahul is the founder and content producer at App Gyaan. He loves technology and mobile more than anything else. His 80% time goes in Playing with technology and reading about the new stuffs. Exploring new technology is his passion, you reach can him on rahul@appgyaan.com.

Khushbu Choudhary

Khushbu heads the chief editor of App Gyaan & Tax Gyaan, she is professionaly a CA and tech enthusiastic, her USP is to judge the things with magnifying glass, her love other than technology & tax is eating. You can reach her on khushbu@appgyaan.com.

Anil Malhotra

Anil is a student of English literature and his love lies with the Android Mobile. He loves to play with new device and write about it. He write about Android Mobile, Buying Guides and Social networking on App Gyaan, you can reach him on info@appgyaan.com.
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